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About Station - Laguna Beach

Our Organization

Laguna Beach is a diverse community - a community where artists and entrepreneurs, farmers and entertainers, writers and publishers, hippies and bankers, all worked together over the past century to build a unique village. However, in the 21st century, our unique village, with its unparalleled beaches and sheltering greenbelt, draws millions of visitors, overwhelming our resources. Meanwhile, many of our businesses struggle; we have seen a 59% decline in employment in Laguna since 2007, while budgeted city expenditure rose by roughly the same percentage.

At Station Laguna, we bring our business and engineering expertise together with our love of Laguna, as we explore and reimagine immediate and long-term solutions that work for our neighbors in Laguna.  From a Traffic & Mobility Working Group to working with local businesses to create ancillary sources of income; from reimagining clean powers sources to creating an Economic Gardening system for our local businesses - we proudly work though difficult economic, systemic and/or social strictures to better our community.

Unfortunately, for the purpose of sharing specifics, most of our projects are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and we do not have the ability to share them publicly. However, if you have an interest in a specific project or an area of interest, please contact us and complete an NDA and we will happily share the details of these exciting projects with you and your team.

 Quentin V Kunaka

Quentin is a local Laguna Beach resident educated in Manchester, England and at MIT, where he earned a MS in Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. This talented innovator has designed, tested, repaired, analyzed, and re-imagined devices in the biomedical, cellular, wireless, aerospace, defense, and renewable energy fields, where he holds or has contributed to several patents.

Always a trouble-shooter, Quentin often finds himself jetting to faraway places at a moment's notice to find, analyze and resolve issues with some of mankind's most complicated mechanical systems. His work with steam, gas, wind and wave turbines started the gears in his brain turning to re-imagine clean, renewable energy derived from ocean currents. This led to a patent on a turbine designed to harness the enormous hydrokinetic energy produced by the Earth's rotation and channeled through the Gulf Stream. Through his startup, Laguna EcoEnergy Group (LEG), he envisions making a bold change to our renewable energy systems in the world.

Never one to shy away, Quentin has also embraced a passion for Laguna Beach by addressing local issues experienced by the residents and businesses, and shares his commitment and vision with other entrepreneurs by creating solutions and a strong pathway forward through Station Laguna Beach.

Quentin Kunaka

Hillary Cole

Hillary Cole

Hillary Cole's great, great, great grandparents were the first homesteaders in Laguna Beach in Aliso Creek. Growing up with generations of family who loved Laguna (with five generations living within a 1-block radius of each other when she was born) instilled her with a sense of obligation and passion for our community and a deep love for Laguna's history and its future.

A UCLA graduate, Hillary's financial and management expertise has been honed in many industries, from the entertainment industry to real estate, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, and service industries. Commitment to the entrepreneurs and visionaries of this country sent her crisscrossing around the U.S., evaluating Merger & Acquisition opportunities and developing creative and successful solutions for bankruptcy turnarounds and foundering businesses. At Station Laguna, she is using her vision, analytical skills, and financial and management expertise to address the needs of our community and our future.

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